Heidi Jacobs is a singer/songwriter and vocal coach residing in sunny Santa Barbara County, California. She has been making music and teaching Voice for almost twenty years.

Heidi has an extraordinary passion for teaching and an extraordinary ear for sound. She was fortunate to study with phenomenal coaches who helped her accomplish her goal of bringing the vocal techniques taught in L.A. to Santa Barbara County. Her knowledge and unique teaching style make her equally adept at working with singers who want a career in music or simply want to sing for pure enjoyment. Whatever goals her students have set, big or small, Heidi's fun, focused, and inspired approach helps them to achieve success.

In addition to teaching privately, Heidi has also enjoyed numerous group coaching experiences. She was the vocal coach for the theatre group The Valley Players, Instrumental Music in Santa Barbara, the Lompoc School of Music, and the children's performance group, The Crackerjacks. She was also the vocal coach for The Valley Players' production of Grease, the Arts Outreach productions of The Sound of Music and Bye, Bye, Birdie, and Out of the Box Theatre's production of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson.

Heidi is now the director of Mystique, an a cappella vocal group for girls 7th - 12th grade, and is the voice teacher for Solvang School's SAM (Solvang Arts and Music program).

Heidi teaches private and group voice lessons in person and gives online voice lessons through Skype. She works with singers ages six and up.

Heidi's Teachers:
James Lugo - rock, pop, country - www.jameslugomusic.com
Lessia Bonn - pop, folk
Mary Sue Gee - classical
Pattie Sentlinger - classical, musical theatre


$100 - per hour
$75 - for 45 minutes
$50 - per half hour



(805) 448-9659 

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Heidi immediately pinpointed singing problems that had been holding me back for years.  After just one lesson, I was able to use my voice in ways I never knew were possible.  I highly recommend her to any serious vocalist.
-Sado Rabaudi, California
Vocalist of Stomprocket


I first met Heidi about five years ago when my son started taking voice lessons.  I didn't know a lot about her then, but she came highly recommended.  What I soon came to realize was that Heidi, a truly gifted talent herself, has a unique style that blends traditional music theory with a creative, almost spiritual aspect that allows her to reach inside of a person and bring out their true inner voice.  Her insight allows the student to become whoever they want to be.  Her kind and gentle nature helps the student's confidence as well.  My son went from barely whispering songs to a voice I didn't know he had.  It has opened him up in a direction musically that I believe will be an integral part of his life.  It changed him and me.   
- Sarah Edwards, California


Heidi is one of the singers who transcends style.  She is a pure singer with a killer voice.   
- James Lugo,  Vocal Asylum, North Carolina


The vocal instruction I received from Heidi Jacobs allowed me to enter a world of highly professional singing at a young age, and has enabled me to sustain not only a level of professionalism, skill and prowess, but has also kept me ceaselessly progressing. Her lessons and teachings have stayed with me through the years, and are still continuing to make me a better singer every day. I am now living and working in the bay area as a professional singer and voice teacher, and I couldn’t have done it without Heidi’s help. Heidi is not just an asset to your life as a teacher, she is a mentor, and she will propel you into success with ardent passion.
-Inés Beltranena (idea the artist), California


My lessons with Heidi taught me that I can choose my own path.  It is so rare to find a teacher who will challenge your potential while still allowing you to make your own way.  Sing what YOU want to sing, because if your heart and soul are backing you up, your voice will be that much more beautiful!  
- Thalia Kostman, Minnesota
NewBridge Theatre Company
Singer, actor, playwright, mime


Heidi has been a part of our lives and working vocally with our daughter since she was 5. Our daughter is now 17. With Heidi's amazing talent and instruction, our daughter has become an accomplished vocalist winning many local talent contests along with performing in the county on a regular basis. Heidi has instilled confidence and brought out the true joy of singing in our daughter. What a gift Heidi is!!
 -Lisa Laughlin, California


When I met Heidi, I knew right away what a wonderful person she was. She is an honest and empowering teacher.  She helped me improve my voice by picking the exact right exercises for me.   She works with students on the songs they love when they are fit for them.  Otherwise, she will find something else that excites the students just as much.  The combination of picking individually fit exercises and songs while considering the individual taste as well, is a very rare but important quality in a teacher.  I loved the lessons!  They were fun and incredibly helpful.  But Heidi is much more than an excellent teacher.  Additionally, she seems to radiate a comforting warmth and is one of the brightest and most lovable people I know. She understands her students emotionally, artistically and intellectually.  I am very grateful to call her my friend up to this day.
- Bettina Zech, Germany
actress/voice actress, musician
Game of Thrones 


Before my first lesson with Heidi Jacobs, I didn't even know if I had the tools necessary to become a singer.  Within months, I was onstage at a songwriter's showcase, being applauded for my efforts.  
- Dan Cressler, California


There are so many great things to say about Heidi.  She has a very adaptable style of teaching that caters to a broad variety of voices.  She’s able to teach the gift of song to newcomers as well as fine-tune the seasoned singer.  I have always loved pop music growing up and I’d looked into musicals a little, but Heidi kindled my appreciation of musical theater.  She inspired me to challenge myself each week and continues to support my vocal endeavors as a friend and mentor.
-Kimara Damron, Washington


Being a new student with Heidi, I felt nervous and self-conscious about my voice, but she made me feel extremely comfortable with her no- pressure attitude and willingness to let me experiment. She is patient, dedicated to her craft, listens to my concerns and allows me to be whoever I choose to be as a singer.
Molli Christensen, California
UCSB alumni, Film and Media Studies


Heidi's way of encouraging her students and supporting them so passionately is inimitable!  She is such a champion!   
- Dr. Regina Jensen, California